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One You Love’s Proprietary Advanced Care Technology

You will always be able to know the progress of your loved one’s care thanks to our One You Love Mobile technology. Using an in-home computer program, tablets and other tools, your loved one will remain engaged, and you will remain informed.


One You Love Homecare Boca Raton, FL offers a complete suite of services to fit your loved one and their situation.​

A friend to help with daily living.​

Focusing primarily on basic social life and activities of daily living, Companion Care Services offers a wide range of care plans, including:

  • Assistance with moving, dressing and grooming (brushing hair, filing nails, etc.)
  • Maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Meal planning, preparation, cleanup
  • Medication reminders and accompaniment to appointments and errands
  • Respite care for families
  • Cognition improvement games using advanced technology with online care plan assessments and check-ins

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For those who require a more hands-on approach to care.

Focusing primarily on physical needs, Personal Care is provided by a trained caregiver who can do everything offered by our Companion Care Services, plus other care needs that require more personalized senior care interactions like:

  • Bathing, dressing, skin, mouth and hair care
  • Measuring temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure
  • Assist with prescribed range of motion (ROM) exercises
  • Assist with the use of ambulation devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Assist with the change of a colostomy bag, reinforcement of dressing, etc.
  • Hospital transitions
  • Cognition improvement games using advanced technology 
with online assessments 
and check-ins

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Our Round the clock live-in care for those requiring more. level of Senior Care.

When we develop your loved one’s care plan, it includes a comprehensive host of offerings based on our exclusive care plan assessment. It takes into consideration the continuum of care as needs change, including incorporating our propietary technology into care planning to help the team deliver the best solution. Extended offerings such as hospital transitions, physician visits and whatever is required for full coverage are also available.*

24 Hour & Live-in Care

Comprehensive care planning incorporates care that starts with the needs of our client today and changes as needs change anywhere from 4-24 hours per day. If Live-In Care is needed, Live-In caregivers can remain in the home to provide care during the day and provide continuity throughout the week. Live-in Services may be added to the Companion Care and Personal Care packages.

Live-in Care is offered by a caregiver who stays in the client’s residence 24 hours a day.

  • Care will be provided by a caregiver who is qualified to meet the daily level of care needs of the individual client.
  • Caregiver must have uninterrupted sleep time in a separate sleeping room for privacy.

*At times, caregivers may require slightly higher billing rates for specialty care cases or cases that are particularly difficult to cover.

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Meet the leaders and staff of One You Love Homecare Boca Raton, FL.

Wolf Liebertz

Wolf is co-owner of One You Love Homecare Boca Raton. Not so many years ago, Wolf helped his mother transition into assisted living after a tedious decision-making process to do so and not have her remain at home. Leaving her in her new “home” was not always easy and the transition took time. As Wolf came to know the community and the staff, he witnessed the care they provided and was able to help reassure Mom and make her feel at ease in her new home. Over time, seeing the kind of skill, dedication and patience health care professionals demonstrate tirelessly was truly inspirational. Wolf realized that it was time for a change in his life and felt a career assisting those who are aging in the place would be rewarding. Excitedly leaving the corporate world behind, Wolf chose to focus on a career that would allow him to dedicate his time and energy to the care of others. But how? While his Mom spent her final days in the care and safety of assisted living, it was not lost on Wolf how much different her life might have been spending those final years in the comfort of her own home. The home where she made many memories that may have been easier to recall in familiar surroundings despite her progressing dementia. How can people age safely in their home, surrounded by their memories, with a need for assistance with activities of daily living? After an exhaustive search, he and his wife, Gabrielle, found One You Love Homecare. One You Love Homecare is a brand built on family and has core values built on treating every client like family. He and Gabrielle chose to open One You Love Homecare Boca Raton because of the focus on service and the approach to senior in-home care. Wolf feels that owning his homecare business is a true gift. He now spends his workday focused on giving back to his community and providing the care he witnessed his Mom receiving but doing so in the comfort of the client’s home.

Gabrielle Liebertz

Gabrielle is co-owner of One You Love Homecare Boca Raton. Gabrielle has dedicated the past 20 years to teaching children. Working at a small, religious school, she has been part of a tight-knit group of teachers and leaders whose common goal has been to help and serve others. This inclusive and proactive environment gave her the ability to make decisions on a small scale that had big results in her students’ lives. She has always focused on what could be done to help and enhance her students’ lives while also preparing them for their future endeavors. Guiding children and their families through this important time and making sure there is a real foundation for everyone to grow into the future has been the most rewarding part of Gabrielle’s life in teaching. As Gabrielle and her husband Wolf saw those senior family members that they cared for the most need personal care, it was not a surprise that she wanted to do something that made a difference in their lives. It did not take long to ask whom else she could help and how could to help them. Shifting the passion she has had for teaching and helping students to helping those who need senior home care has been a natural and smooth transition. With a caring and dedicated mindset, everything fell into place. Nurturing and helping others on their path is truly life’s purpose.
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